Tarub Decoration

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Usually one day before the wedding party, the gate of the house of the bride's parents is decorated with Tarub (plant decorations), which consists of different Tuwuhan (plants and leaves).

  • Two banana trees with stem of ripe bananas meaning: The husband will be a good leader of his family. As banana trees grow easily everywhere, the couple can also live well and happy everywhere, in good terms with the environment.
  • A pair of Tebu Wulung (reddish sugar cane) meaning: The whole family comes together with a strong and a wise mind.
  • A Cengkir Gading (half-ripe coconut) meaning: The couple loves each other and they always will take care of their loved ones.
  • Different fresh leaves, such as of beringin (banyan tree), mojo-koro, alang-alang (tall, coarse grass), dadap srep (flowering trees) meaning: the couple should live in safety and protect the family.

On top of this, on the gate you will find bekletepe (ornaments made from plaited coconut leaves) to drive out evil spirits and as a sign that a wedding ceremony takes place in this house.

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