Wedding Venues

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Wonder about the place of your wedding party???

Step 1
Ask yourself how many people are going to come to your wedding. The best way to figure this out is to take the total amount of wedding invitations you sent out and then figure that about half to three-quarters of the invited guests will actually attend. So if you plan accordingly, you should have plenty of space for all of your guests to share your special day.

Step 2
Decide if you want separate venues for your wedding and reception. If you want to do them both separately, then choosing venues that are near to each other is a good idea. Make sure that the reception venue is going to seat all the guests that attended the ceremony and a few more. Statistics show that more people attend receptions than the actual wedding.

Step 3
Do a walk through of each and every place you consider for your wedding. Bring a camera to document specific things you think make one site better than another. Also, carry a notebook and pen with you to make any notes or remember any questions you might have.

Step 4
Investigate different venues for your wedding. Consider churches, hotels, botanical gardens, community centers and any building that rents space as a viable option. Don’t remove a site from your consideration until you have seen it, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Step 5
Compare prices of all of the venues you are considering. It might help to make a column of pros and cons for each site and use that to help you make a decision.

Here's some of building that you can use as your wedding place around Jakarta

  1. Aneka Bhakti Depsos Jl. Salemba Raya 28 Jakarta Pusat Telp: 021-310.3806
  2. Auditorium Adhiyana (LKBN Antara) Wisma Antara Lt. II Jl. Medan Merdeka Selatan 17 Jakarta Pusat Telp: 021-350.7103 Ext. 204 Faks: 021-350.6615
  3. Auditorium Balai Pustaka Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 4 Jakarta 11710 Telp: 3845324 - 3864826 Faks: 3452026
  4. Auditorium Surya Palace ( Ex. Restoran Bebek Beiji) Jl. Mangga Dua Abdad No.44-45 Jakarta Telp: 021-6247439, 021-6121955
  5. Aula Kemala Kampus Emas Indonesia Nusa Unggul Jl. Tomang Tol Kebon Jeruk Jakarta Barat Telp: 021-567.4225 Pes. 247
  6. Aula Masjid Baiturrahman Komp. MPR/DPR RI Jakarta Telp: 021-571.5879
  7. Aula Mesjid Pondok Indah Jl. Sutan Iskandar Muda No. 1 Pondok Indah Jakarta Selatan Telp: 021-765.2974 / 723.5023
  8. Aula Mesjid Sunda Kelapa Jl. Taman Sunda Kelapa N0. 16 Menteng Jakarta Telp: 021-334261
  9. Aula Pangeran Kuningan Gd. Grha Citra caraka, Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 52Jakarta 12930 Telp: 021-5204729 Faks: 021-5204729
  10. Balai Kartini Jl. Gatot Soebroto Kav. 37 Telp: 021-525.2009 Faks: 021-525.2685
  11. Balai Pertemuan CORPATARIN Jl. Kaplongan Raya No. 1 Pulo Asem Rawamangun Jakarta Timur Telp: 021-489.8130-475.9505
  12. Birawa Assembly Hall Gatot Subroto Kav. 71-73, PancoranJakarta 12870 Telp: 021-83793555 Faks: 021-83793554
  13. BPPT Auditorium BPPT Jl. M.H. Thamrin No.8 Jakarta Pusat 10340 Telp: 021-3168511 Faks: 021-3140190
  14. Dharma Wanita Pusat Jl. Pedurenan Masjid Karet Kuningan (Jl. HR. Rasuna Said) Jakarta Selatan Telp: 021-520.1714
  15. Fame Station Wisma Lippo Lt. 11 Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 2 Bandung Telp: 022-7307858 Faks: 022-7307868
  16. Gading Marina Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat no. 1 Jakarta 14240 Telp: 021-451 7888 Faks: 021-451 6873
  17. Gedung Arsip Nasional RI Jl. Gajah Mada Jakarta Telp: 021-6347744 Faks: 021-63855364
  18. Gedung Balai Sudirman Jl. Dr. Saharjo 268 Jakarta Selatan 0 Telp: 021-83791623 Faks: 021-83791630
  19. Gedung BDN & Menara BDN Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 5 Jakarta Pusat Jakarta Telp: 021-39833119, 021-2300800 ext. 0560 Faks: 021-39833119
  20. Gedung Patra Jasa Jl. Gatot Subroto 32-34 Jakarta 12950 Telp: 021-5228082 Faks: 021-5252250
  21. Graha Andika Sucofindo Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu Kav. 34 Jakarta Telp: 021-798.3666 / 799.0633 Jl. Abdul rachman saleh Barat No. 3, Lanud Husein sastranegara
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