Choose the Wedding Song That's Right for You

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Choose a Wedding Song that Expresses How You and Your Partner Feel About Each Other

Choosing wedding music can rouse a varied combination of emotions from you and your partner. Fun and exhilaration, anticipation and excitement, become quick companions with stress and disgust, and anxiety and anger.
You and your partner may share similar tastes in music, making the process rather easy, or you may disagree, leading to arguments that have no place in the moment. You are discussing elements of your wedding, after all,and every aspect should be a happy one. If a disagreement should arise, then step aside and remember that you a planning a wedding together, and as in a marriage, compromise is key. It is highly unlikely that you or your partner will enjoy every song played at the wedding, as tastes are bound to differ at least a little bit. But most importantly, when choosing your music, the song on which you should place the most importance is your wedding song. This is the song you and your partner will first dance to as a married couple, and forever thereafter, it will reflect upon your overwhelming feelings of love, happiness, contentment and joy. It should be a song that will remain special to you both and reflect how you two truly feel about each other, and how you always hope to remain.
DJs and websites focused on helping engaged couples choose wedding music will have large lists encompassing many songs traditionally chosen for a wedding song between bride and groom. However, you are not required to pick any of those particular songs.
You must remind yourself that you are not choosing a wedding song based on what your friends and family might think, or what your DJ recommends. The wedding song you choose should be something meaningful between you and your partner, because at that moment in time when you are dancing to the song of your choice, and you look into each other's eyes and smile, it will be as if only you two exist in the room. For those few minutes that the song is played and you are dancing, it will be your magic moment of perfection, when the love that rests in your hearts comes bubbling forth, riding the crests of the wave of music that surrounds you both.
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