Are You Happy With Your Marriage?

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Once, a friend asked me an important question. Are you happy with your marriage? WOW! This is a simple question but really hard to answer this question. He is going to married soon and he really need to know about marriage. He said he really need to know about marriage before he join the club, lol!

I said I'm happy with my marriage. I love to spend my time with my wive and daughter. I said, yes sometimes we fight, arguing, etc but we can keep the happiness together. I said, the key is your willingness. We met a new person, a stranger. Now she or he become the part of our day. 

I said if we can understand our wive or husband, the marriage will last long and happy, try to get to know better your wive/husband. What he like or what she hate. Having the same vision about the family's future and how to get the goal together is one way to help you to get a happy marriage. 

Having a wive/husband means you are already have a decision to share everything, with a wive/husband you can share what ever you want to share without worrying that she/he will betray you in the future. You can share everything and one more is take your place and put she/he on her/his place.

I'm sure you will get a happy marriage if you trust your partner and willing to spend your time in a happy journey, you'll get one.

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What great advice. Sharing, trust and open communication are all wonderful keys to a long happy marriage.

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