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A complete Javanese wedding ceremony has several complicated traditional rituals. In that event, the role of a Pemaes, a traditional make-up woman who leads the whole ceremony, is very important. She takes care of the make-up and dressing of the bride and bridegroom, the different kind of offerings, the different kind of ceremonies during the event, etc. Usually, she can also lend a complete wedding dress, ornaments and equipment necessary for a wedding party.

The wedding party should be prepared carefully as it contains many things to do, no matter which ceremony is chosen. A small wedding committee of close relatives and friends from both families is set up. The size depends on how big the party has to be and on how many guests will be invited (300, 500, 1000 or more guests). In fact, a wedding ceremony is a big show, reflecting the families' standing in the society.

This committee has to organise the whole wedding: the wedding protocol, food and beverages, gamelan music and dance, decoration of the reception hall, master of ceremony, witnesses for Ijab, welcoming speech during the reception, transportation, communication, security, and so on. The most important thing to prepare is no doubt the execution of Ijab (the religious and civil registration which legalises the couple as legitimate husband and wife).
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