Kembar Mayang

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Kembar Mayang is a kind of bouquet made of different kind of leaves (mainly coconut leaves stuck into a banana trunk). It is a very beautiful decoration with a broad symbolic meaning:

  • It has a mountain like shape: A mountain is high and big, symbolising a man should have a lot of knowledge, experience and patience.
  • Keris (kris, double-bladed dagger): The couple should be careful in life.
  • Whips: The couple should be always optimistic with the desire to have a good life.
  • Umbrellas: The couple must protect their family.
  • Grasshoppers: The couple should be energetic, quick in thinking and making decisions in order to keep the family safe.
  • Birds: The couple should have a high life-motivation.
  • Beringin (banyan tree) leaves: The couple should always protect the family and other human beings.
  • Kruton leaves: The leaves protect them against evil spirits.
  • Dadap srep leaves: The leaves could be used as a cold compress to lower fever, symbolising the couple should always have a clear mind and calmness to solve any problems (calm down the feeling and cool down the head).
  • Dlingo BenglĂ© herbs: These herbs cure infection and other diseases; they are used to get protection against evil spirits.
  • Patra Manggala flowers: Used to beautify the bouquet.
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