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Before the installation of Tarub and Bekletepe, a special Sajen (offering) must be made.

Traditional Sajen (offering) in Javanese ritual is considered very important. The symbolic meaning of the Sajen is to get blessings from the ancestors (for their souls should live in peace eternally) and to get protection against evil spirits. The Sajen should be placed in all the places where a ceremony takes place, such as in the bathroom, in the kitchen, under the gate, under the Tarub decoration, in the street nearby the house etc.

Normally Sajen consists of:
  • Tumpeng Robyong, a yellow rice cone with decoration.
  • Tumpeng Gundul, a yellow rice cone with no decoration.
  • Chicken, meat, tempe, bread and eggs.
  • Seven kinds of porridge.
  • Fresh fruit: bananas and other fruits.
  • A peeled coconut and some coconut sugar.
  • Sweet cookies made of glutinous rice.
  • Tea and coffee.
  • Cigar and pipe made of papaya leave.
  • Jamu (herbal medicine).
  • A lantern, which is lighted.
  • Telon flowers (cananga, jasmine, magnolia) in bowl filled with holy water.
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