Catering Service, How to choose It ???

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It's Delicious!!! May be that comment is sound familiar every time we come to a wedding party. I think, this comment is the most important thing for your wedding.
A wedding is Once in a life time moment so we have to plane this day very carefully.How we choose a catering service for our important day? Our wedding?
1. Information.
Find as much as you can to collect the catering service for your wedding day, from the internet, your friend, your family, etc. If you already have a wedding venues, you can ask the venues manager about the catering service that used work with them.
2. Budget/Price.
Make your budget little tight, or find a low price for a good quality. Don't you ever to push your self to use an expensive catering service, when your budget can't reach them.
3. Test Food.
You must test the food from recommended catering services, ask them to give the tester, or sometime you can visit them when they have an event, or a wedding with on they service. Ask your friend or family to this test food activities, and ask they comments.
4. Professionalism.
You have to choose a professionalism catering service to your wedding day, you can search the information from the internet, your friend, your family, etc.
5. Amount of food.
A lot of food sometimes great but its wise if you ask the catering service how much food that you need to meet your invitations list.
6. Food Variations.
Various taste will make our guest have a lot of alternative to choose what they eat.
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