Long Distance Relationship Is Right?

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This days so many people have long distance relationship, because their work, study or some other reason. Some of them meet once a week, some may be months or year :( With technology this day, separate couple still  can be in touch and create communication, witch cell phone, instant messenger, etc. 
Long Distance Relationship is right? 
A couple can get in touch with technology this day and because of some reasons they can't be in one place at the same time. This kind relationship really hard if we don't have trust for our partner. Trust is the key for a long term relationship. 
This kind relationship is not about how you trust your partner, but more than that you need to be more stronger because your partner is not on your side. When you have some problem you can ask your partner to be your side just in one moment because she/he must go to your place from miles away.
Is it fair to leave your partner alone?
Relationship between you and your partner may be more than a good friendship because you'll help your partner if they have a problem. But with a long distance relationship you can't be at her/his side every time If you have a strong and independent partner I think its really help, if she/he is not kind of person. Is it fair to leave your partner alone?
I think if we have a choice we will avoid this kind of relationship. Long distance relationship, because our partner need us every time, every minutes, every second.

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