Sundanese Wedding Ceremony

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The bridal party is welcomed with the umbul-umbul at the house where the celebrations will take place. The umbul-umbul indicates that a wedding ceremony is going on.
Harupat - 7 miniature broomsticks are burnt and thrown away symbolizing the discarding of bad habits.
Ajug - seven candles, represents the direction the couple should follow to ensure a happy married life.
Elekon - hollow bamboo, which symbolizes emptiness is broken.
Kendi - an earthen water jug filled with water, which stands for peace.The bride and groom are seated under an umbrella in front of the entrance to the house.
Then a sawer is showered on the couple. It consists of:
  • Turmeric rice - Rice is a sign of prosperity and yellow stands for everlasting love.
  • Coins - To remind the couple to share their wealth with the less fortunate.
  • Candy - Indicates sweetness and fragrance throughout their marriage.
  • A betel nut set near the couple is a reminder that their different customs should not spoil their harmonious marriage.

Nincak Endog.
The groom breaks an egg with his right foot. Breaking the egg is a symbol that the husband will give the wife a child to continue the family generation.
After the egg is broken, the bride washes the groom's foot with the water from the kendi.
Then the bride throws the kendi to break it.

Huap Lingkung
Symbolic of the last time the parents will feed their children. This is also the first dish prepared by the daughter in her new home. The dish consists of turmeric sticky rice with yellow spiced chicken on top of it.
The mothers of the bride and groom release two white doves - symbols of peace and happiness.

Patarik-Tarik Bakakak
The couple are given a spiced chicken. On hearing the word 'go' from the lady conducting the ceremony, the couple has to pull the chicken apart.
The one who get the larger piece supposedly will bring in the larger share of the family fortune.
This ceremony also serves to remind the couple to encourage each other to work hard together to gain good fortune.

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