Midodareni Ceremony

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This ceremony takes place in the eve of Ijab and Panggih ceremonies. Midodareni is derived from the word Widodari meaning goddess. That evening, the would-be-bride becomes as beautiful as a goddess. According to ancient belief, goddesses should visit her from heaven.

The bride has to stay in the room from 6.00 p.m. to midnight accompanied by some elder women giving her useful advice. The family of the would-be-bridegroom and her very close friends should also visit her for a while; all of them must be women.

The bride's parents should feed her for the last time. As from tomorrow, she is at her husband's responsibility.
Items that are put in the wedding room:

  • One set of Kembar Mayang (identical palm blossoms).
  • Two earthenware vases (filled with spices, medical herbs, rice, peanuts etc.) covered with Bango Tulak cloths.
  • Two kendi's (filled with holy water) covered with dadap srep leaves.
  • A tray with several kinds of perfumed leaves and flowers (Ukub) put under the bed.
  • Betel leaves (Suruh Ayu).
  • Areca nut.
  • Seven kinds of cloths with letrek design.

The offering can be taken out of the room at midnight, so that the family and guests can eat it. Outside the room, the family and close friends of the would-be-bride meet with the family of the would-be-bridegroom.

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