Ijab Ceremony

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In Java, people often say that birth, marriage and death are the wish of God. It is easily understood that wedding rituals are implemented accordingly, as an exhibition of traditional art and culture, an integral part of the nation's identity, where the noble symbols of life are exposed with pride and dignity. This great tradition, inherited from ancient time, is strongly preserved by the people.

The Ijab Ceremony is the most important requirement to legalise a marriage. The implementation is in accordance with the religion of the couple. At the place where the Ijab is conducted, a Sanggan or Sajen offering is put.

The bride wears traditional make-up and bun (gelungan), shining brilliant, golden jewellery's and a special dress for this occasion. The bridegroom also wears a special dress for this ceremony. The couple has to appear on their best.

They are honoured by those who are present at this wedding party as King and Queen of the day.
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